Slide Part of the skin of the home, touch and sight play a fundamental role. The wood. We contribute to a sublime, evocative environment that generates new energy every day. Products | Wood

Slide Part of the skin of the home, touch and sight play a fundamental role. The wood. We contribute to a sublime, evocative environment that generates new energy every day. Products | Wood

moncada has a great deal of experience in woodworking, which nowadays combines that traditional tradition of detail carpentry with the most modern machinery and technology that can be used in this field.

Entrance doors

The door to the house is like a letter of introduction to those who live there. It generates the first impression of a home and gives a preview of its interior. That is why it must have personality while being firm, robust and safe. We make the door you want, equipped with the maximum guarantee in security.

Interior doors

The interior doors of a house delimit areas and atmospheres. Spaces to feel, enjoy, share, are currently a differentiating element of a house and another element of decoration. We have the door that best defines each environment and we adapt it in size, design and colour to the desired space. We make it possible to manufacture doors with measurements and designs provided by our customers or designed by us in all kinds of qualities and with additional security elements.


Design, colour and optimal use of the interior space characterise our wardrobes and dressing rooms. Spaces with imaginative solutions that provide more useful space. Wardrobes with hinged doors, sliding doors, with or without attic, blind doors, windows, etc. for your comfort, aesthetic harmony and care of your wardrobe. We carry out personalised projects to achieve spaces in which the distribution, accessibility and atmosphere make it possible to fully satisfy each client. … and with that touch of craftsmanship in wood typical of the grupomoncada firm.


Nothing compares to the feel of wood. To walk on it is to elevate this sensation until it becomes a unique and extraordinarily sensitive experience.

Wooden floors provide warm atmospheres as well as elegant and full of personality. The manufacture is totally customised, with a personalised design in different finishes, whether in stained or natural wood. It has always been related to classic atmospheres, but the new treatments applied to the different types of wood adapt to even the most daring and avant-garde styles, allowing them to be installed even in bathrooms and kitchens, thanks to the methods that protect them from humidity.

Bathroom furniture

With louvres, with blind doors, classic, functional, creative, innovative design, etc. This is what our bathroom furniture is like. We make the furniture that reflects your personality or we advise you on the design, so we create unique spaces, offering high quality solutions and exclusive design, expressed in a personal and innovative way.


The furniture in our home is part of the intimate space of each one of us. The design, colour or ornamental details reflect the personality of a home, contributing to the best possible atmosphere. We manufacture the furniture that best suits the style of decoration of your home, combining design, functionality and quality. Furniture of our own design or provided by the client. We adapt to the design, colour and variety of wood you desire, however complicated it may seem, offering the best solutions for each space. Our furniture ranges from bed headboards, living room tables, sideboards to large bookcases, and everything needed to furnish living rooms and bedrooms, combining design, functionality and robustness. Use the form and contact us. By providing us with three measurements (length, height and width) and a brief description of the style and use to which it will be put, we can propose several alternatives for your furniture.

Wooden windows

It is born from the continuous need of a market that demands a high quality product, versatile in forms and finishes, that integrates perfectly in the home decoration, producing a warm sensation, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. A product that perfectly complies with all water, air and wind tightness regulations, with minimum maintenance and totally ecological. Only wood from sustainable or certified forests is used in its manufacture. Its manufacture and machining produces minimum energy consumption and all the finishing products are water-based acrylics, free of solvents, which do not pollute the environment.


The experience of craftsmen reaches its maximum expression in the construction of wooden ceilings. Decorative and self-supporting roofs, manufactured with beams of different sections, adaptable to any size and space, decking, top, rough clay, tiles, with thermal insulating panels for quick assembly, etc. constitute a wide catalogue of possibilities to enhance the top of a house.


The possibility of carrying out handmade works and the experience accumulated over the years, allows us to make wineries of any size and with the design, lighting, wood and colour that the customer prefers.

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